Pros and Cons of Electric Heaters

The pros of Electric Furnaces are few. If you seldom need heat and the electric furnace is already installed, it might be okay to keep it, but an electric heat pump is a much better alternative (it both heats and cools and uses much less electricity).

The pros of Electric Baseboard Heaters and Electric Wall Heaters are:

  1. They can be installed in rooms that are seldom used and shut off from the central heating system.
  2. They can be installed in room additions without running ductwork from the central heating system.

The cons of all types of electric heaters are:

  1. Electric heating is the least energy efficient way to heat your home. Although 100% of the electricity is converted to heat, the fact that the electricity had to arrive over power lines from a plant that probably burned coal, oil or natural gas reduces the true energy efficiency to about 30%. It is much more efficient (and almost always less expensive) to burn natural gas, propane or heating oil on the premises to generate heat.

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